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Climate & thermal testing

Our laboratory can check the ageing of your products under real climatic and thermal conditions.

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What is it?

This test reveals potential failures due to climatic conditions such as extreme temperatures and humidity.

It identifies whether the product is subject to deformation, component changes, oxidation or corrosion for example.

Our Tests...

Temperature test

Temperature variation test

Moisture test

Combined test


To do this, heat, cold, humidity, cyclic temperatures and rapid temperature change are tested on your product to check its resistance and performance in harsh environmental conditions.

Our wide range of climatic chambers, with test volumes from 500 litres to 1000 litres, allow you to perform climatic tests over a temperature range of -70°C to +300°C, with rates of change of up to 20°C/min.

These facilities are complemented by our dry heat ovens and thermal shock chambers from -80°C to 200°C with a transfer time of 8s.

Climatic chambers are associated with mechanical means to carry out combined tests of vibrations, temperatures, mechanical stress, endurance, etc.


Applicable standards



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